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Jerry McDowell




Jerry McDowell is a professional musician, and music arranger with over 40 years of active experience. Outside of a 30 year career in education with Masters and Doctors Degrees from Duke University, Jerry has been performing since the elementary school years. In high school, he and his band won a national contest for best up and coming folk musicians. In college, he was part of a 4-person band who performed in Germany with the USO governmental programs. He was the lead soloist and guitarist for a big band in the 1970s and backed up Anita Byant and others. He was a member of a rock band called Nightlife from 1976-1982 performing all across North Carolina and frequently at Hound Ears, Boone, NC. He was part of a Christian touring and recording group called Vision Unlimited in the mid 1980s. He performed in a duet with a young lady from 1990-1997. He served as the contemporary worship leader at Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church from 1995-2000, Grace Community Church from 2000 – 2007, and Restoration Church 2011-2016. Jerry is an accomplished acoustic guitarist, bassist, pianist, and singer.